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Regular Movie Pics



Banzai Sayings          

The Banzai Sound Gallery

The Banzai Photo  Gallery


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Buckaroo aims a gun off screen.


Buckaroo on a stolen Harley.


Buckaroo, honoring his Japanese heritage.


Buckaroo and the Hong Kong Cavaliers play at Artie's Nightclub, in NJ.


Penny, in jail after she fires a shot (an attempt at suicide) that was mislabled as an attempt to kill Banzai.


The opening scrolling text.


The 8th Dimension.


John Whorfin charges up.


Reno, Banzai, and Perfect Tommy get ready to play at Artie's.


New Jersey is mocked by Perfect Tommy.


John Parker, in true form.


Penny, alive!


Casper, Reno, Banzai, and Perfect Tommy, after the battle in the sky.


Banzai and Penny, after Penny is reawakened by Banzai's ionized touch.


Banzai, stopping a weird killing device that's headed straight for a defenseless Penny.


Cast line up (The End Credits)


A partially formed Cast line up.


1938, Dr. Lizardo before a failed attempt at breaking completely through the Dimesion barrier. Get a look at the expression on his face.


Dr. Hikita tries to stop Lizardo, because the portal isn't ready yet.


Ms. Johnson hard at work in The Clubhouse.


The Black Lectroids' Ship


The gang gets ready to go into a press conference after Banzai drove through a mountain in Texas.


New Jersey!


Bigboote` attaches Whorfin's junky overthruster to the ship's control pannel.


A close-up of the good Doctor.


Perfect Tommy, ready to lead an assualt on the Red Lectroids.




A jittery Reno, gun aimed high.


Scooter holds the Oscillation Overthruster he got from the Secretary of Defense at gunpoint.


The guys.


New Jersey! Again...


An angry looking Whorfin.


A two-in-oner, here. Lizardo is hurled at the wall, and is promptly stuck!


Bigboote` gets ready to spit a spidery thing.


A whole lotta Lectroids in this one.


After Penny fires a shot, all the band members promptly draw their weapons of choice.


Dr. Banzai and John Parker


Whorfin, in the mental assylum.


New Jersey, in the Pitt.


New Jersey and Dr. Banzai, hard at work on an Eskimo patient.


Another cast line up after the battle in the sky.


Banzai, Reno, and Perfect Tommy meet up with New Jersey.


Banzai, fixing his tie.


John O'Connor, John Whorfin, and John Bigboote`.


Those three again, watching over the troops.


Whorfin asks the troops where they're going and when. (Planet 10, and real soon!)


The gang looks at a magnetic disturbance.