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(John Bigboote` and John O'Connor are standing next to the jetcar.)

Bigboote`: "Break the window open."

O'Connor: "Why me, John Bigboote'?"

Bigboote': "It might be booby trapped."

O'Connor (surprisingly cheerful): "Oh."


John Whorfin: "Home! Home is where you...wear your hat! I feel a-so break up, I wanna go home!:


Banzai: "Alright, it flies like a truck."

John Parker: "Great. What's a truck?"


Parker: "I'm a diplomat! I failed driving school!"


Black Lectroid inside pod (to mothership): "My apologies to my loved ones and friends. John Beruke is dead. He fell on his head."


John Whorfin (on the phone to Banzai): "Uh, yes, this is Dr. Lizardo, you may have heard of me? Well, yes, I'm honored. May I pass along my congratulations on your interdimensional breakthrough. I'm sure that in the miserable annals of the earth you will be dually inshrined!"

Whorfin(exciting the troops): "Where are we going?!?"

Troops: "Planet 10!"

Whorfin: "When?"

Troops: "Real soon!"


Institution aide: "I come for your TV, doc. They said you used another 10,000 watts this month. What I don't understand is how an old homicidal looney can use so much juice in one month."

Whorfin: "Take it. I don't need it. I'm a goin' home."


Institution aide: "Who are we today doc, Albert Einstein?"

Whorfin: "No. Lord John Whorfin. If there's anything I hate, it's bein' mistaken for someone else."


Whorfin: "Laugh-a while you can, monkeyboy."


Institution aide: "Where ya goin', doc, the moon?"

Whorfin: "No no no, Planet 10."

Aide: "Oh, Planet 10."


Defense agent: "I don't care about your personal life, that's your own dang business, but..."

(Bigboote` picks him up by his tie)

Bigboote`: "It's not my planet, understand, monkeyboy?"


Whorfin: "I've had it with you, Bigbooty! You're the weakest thing I have ever met in this universe!"

(Bigboote` gives Whorfin the finger behind his back.)


(Bigboote` gives a rather nasty description of Whorfin's crappy overthruster.)

Whorfin: "I've had it Bigbooty! Shut up!"

Bigboote`: "Big-boo-tay! Tay tay tay tay!"

(Whorfin swivels around in his chair, shoots Bigboote`, and swivels back. He looks down at the ships controls, which one has to control with their feet.)

Whorfin: "Feets, do your stuff!"


I think this is a sufficient amount of Lectroid knowledge. Enjoy!