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Perfect Tommy: "Dr. Lizardo? Wasn't he on TV at one time or another?"

Banzai: "You're thinking of Mr. Wizard."

Rawhide: 'Lizardo was a brilliant scientist, Perfect Tommy."

Perfect Tommy: "So was Mr. Wizard."

Rawhide: "Lizardo's a homicidal maniac. Just as soon kill ya as go fishin'."


(Buckaroo Banzai gets into the jetcar, about to go fight Red Lectroids.)

Perfect Tommy: "Don't embarrass us."

Banzai: "Have I ever?"


Banzai: "Bust her out of there."

Perfect Tommy: "What? Out of that cell?"

Banzai: "Yeah. I'll be responsible. And give her your coat."

Perfect Tommy: "Why me?"

Banzai: "'Cause you're perfect."

Perfect Tommy: "You've got a point there."


New Jersey: "Wow, it's an honor. I'm a big fan. I have all the comic books and the records...I know you, you're Pecos!"

Perfect Tommy: "Perfect Tommy."

New Jersey: "Oh. You're Pecos?"

Reno Nevada: "I'm Reno. Pecos is in the Alps."

Perfect Tommy (in a Southern draw, to mock New Jersey's cowboy outfit):

"Where ya hail from, Doc?"

Reno: "And where are yer spurs?"

New Jersey: "Is he making fun of me?"


When The HKC recount more of their tale to me, I'll post more quotes.