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German Lobby Cards



Banzai Sayings          

The Banzai Sound Gallery

The Banzai Photo  Gallery


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    A German Lobby Card is what it sounds like. In Germany, a company called Lobby released BB movie cards. We here at the Anti-Red Lectroid Assoc. have the whole collection.

Black Lectroid leaders at those tall tables.

Dr. Banzai is tortured.

A behind the scenes look at the Pitt.

Inside the thermal pod.

John Nolan, Whorfin, and Bigboote`.

How many cast line ups can we have on this site?!?!

In the shock tower.

New Jersey, looks like Mighty Man.

The Jetcar!

A jittery Reno with John Parker.

O'Connor, Bigboote`, and Whorfin keep an eye on the troops.

1938 Lizardo gets ready for an assault on the dimensional barriers.


Two love-birds.

Two love-birds, again.