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(Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers are performing at Artie's Nightclub in New Jersey.)

Banzai (suddenly stops playing): "Is- Is someone out there not having a good time?"

(The Crowd responds with "No's," and other assorted comments."

Banzai: "Is somebody out there crying?"

Penny Priddy: "Right here!"

Banzai: "What's your name?"

Penny Priddy: "Penny. Penny Priddy."

Banzai: "Did you say Peggy?"

Penny: "No, Penny!"

Banzai: "Well, what's wrong?"

Penny: "I guess I just soaked up a bit too much Vat 69 here. And I'm down to my last dime and they wouldn't take my luggage as payment..."

(The Crowd responds rudely, with yells and the like.)

Banzai: "Hey, don't be mean. No reason to be mean. 'Cause, remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

Rawhide: "...And they got the professor from the press conference."

Banzai (exasperated, sad, and tired): "Aww... The deuce you say."


Rawhide: "Are you okay, Buckaroo?"

Banzai: "I've been ionized, but I'm okay now."


(Buckaroo holds his hand up to Hikita, palm facing Hikita, which has a formula written on it.)

Banzai: "What's this?"

Hikita: "It's your hand, Buckaroo."


Banzai: "Who were you REALLY trying to annihlate last night?"


Penny: "I had a sister."

Banzai: "Of course. If it was a snake it of bit me!"


More quotes from the good Doctor as he recounts them to me.